Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Start a Modular Home Floor Plan For Your House Today!

A good home needs a good structure, good structure and when I say I mean the quality of the materials used as well as good planning this structure, since it includes the house walls as the floor. 

The trend in the area of construction today is to use modular flooring in houses, as this floor has a high standard of quality, safety and cleanliness, Modular Flooring must be installed by those who know and have adequate capacity and tools to put all the modules on the floor of house.

This website: has excellent Modular Homes Floors Plans, many things that apply in everyday life was inspired by his content. 

For a good plan of modular flooring for your home, you need to know from choosing the raw material to be used, it will be plastic, wood or ceramics of modules, each module type has its own characteristics and should be used appropriately in each type home, so it is necessary that a good professional in modular flooring make planning for you.

Below are some modular floor plans that you can use in your home, these plans were acquired over the years from various users of our site.

Modular Homes Floor Plans
Modular Home Floor Plan For Small Size Houses

Modular Homes Floor Plans
Modular Home Floor Plan For Medium Size Houses

Modular Homes Floor Plans
Modular Home Floor Plan For Big Houses

Watch the video below and see why you need to plan the implementation of modular floors properly in your home:

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The Benefits of using a Brazilian Walnut as Floor

It is worth knowing the trends of wood flooring today, The Brazilian wood flooring is made ​​from innovative technology that results in a product with thermal comfort and maximum durability. When properly installed, the useful life of wood flooring is superior to other materials.

Brazilian Walnut flooring
Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Coating recommended for all residential and corporate internal environments, the wood flooring resulting in a warm, practical and sophisticated atmosphere. There are a line of distinctive wood flooring, which brings the whole beauty and durability of hardwood. The best is that Wood flooring requires easy cleaning by lightly dampened cloth.

Read The top 10 advantages of using Brazilian Walnut Flooring in Your House:

Thermal comfort and durability are the main advantages of wood flooring. An interesting choice of wood flooring is bamboo flooring. Besides being a renewable raw material, is highly resistant. It is a type of laminate flooring, composed of three massive blades pressed. This wooden is also a good choice. Made of varying sizes in native wood boards, the stick can be placed on other floors, such as stone or ceramic, for example.

Brazilian Walnut And Comfort Floors are a Must

A Brazilian Walnut is always the best option for thermal comfort, especially for those who have small children, playing on the floor for hours. Besides having pleasant temperature, the wood flooring does not scratch the wheels of carts. Also, there are wood flooring options do not gain brands with heels and still light environments. Finally, Wood Floors has warm touch and provides excellent acoustics and presents easy maintenance: well-wrung damp cloth and mild soap.

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